Gerecyclede Basic Sharp bottles R-PET transparent ♻

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The Basic Sharp is a sleek and timelessly designed plastic bottle series. Because of the crystal-clear property of the PET material, the filling material comes into its own visually. The round bottles with angular shoulders and flat tops are equipped with various standard neck parts such as 24.410. Various closures fit on this, such as: screw cap with (without) plug, valve cap, disc-top, spray and dispenser pump. This makes the Basic sharp versatile for use in cosmetics, cleaning, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

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Farbe Transparent
Material Recyceltes PET
Form Rund
Materialeigenschaften PETE or Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a fairly hard and transparent plastic with a glossy surface. PET has a very good water and oxygen barrier and is very crack and fall resistant. PET is therefore often used for bottles containing fizzy drinks. PET is well resistant to alcohol and essential oils and generally also resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals. PET is not suitable for strongly acid and alkaline products. Suitable for food. Heat resistant up to around 60ºC. Material density (gr/cm³): 1.36
Hals 24.410
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